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1st Annual Miss Pike County Forestry

Preliminary Pageant to the

Alabama Forestry Scholarship Program

Age Groups

Baby 0-23months
Teeny 2-3


Miss Pike County Forestry

Date:  April 19,2008

Location:  Enterprise Civic Center

Enterprise, Alabma 


Baby Miss thru Junior Miss will compete in the following categories:

Beauty/Poise/Presence     50%

Dress/Evening Gown         25%

On-stage Question              10%

(Baby and teeny will be scored on personality in place of on stage question) 

 Teen Miss and Miss will compete in the following categories:


Beauty/Poise/Presence     45%

Dress/Evening Gown         35%

On-stage Question              20%

(Interview times will be announced)


Winners in each division will receive a crown and banner.  Interview, photogenic and dress/gown winners will receive awards.  Winners of Tiny thru Miss will have pageant entry fees paid to state pageant in June 2008. 


Entry Fee: $65.00


Photogenic: $5.00

Best Dressed $5.00

Interviews $10.00


You can enter the Pageant for FREE!!!!

Refer 3 Girls that enter and receive your Beauty Entry Free.

Refer 4 girls that enter and receive Beauty and Photogenic Free.

Refer 5 Girls and Receive Beauty,Photogenic and Best Dressed FREE.




Sign up will be thru ___________!!!

Pageant is open to all Contestants!






                     $5.00 for individual pageant passes



(5 years and younger free)





Director: Sherry Stahr
1132 County Road 208
Jack, AL  36346
Phone:  (334) 897-0886




Miss Pike County Forestry Entry Form


Name:                                                                         Division:                                           


Address:                                                          City:                                      Zip:               


Home Phone:                                                  2nd Phone:                                                           


Age:                              Date of Birth:                                     Grade:                                 








Favorite Food:_________________________________________


Special Interests/Hobbies/Organizations:                                                                      




What are your Likes and Dislikes:                                                                                                                  




What are your goals for the furture:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 Anything else the Judges should know about you?_________________________________




I,                                  , give permission for my child,                                           , to be in the Miss Pike County Forestry Pageant, an Alabama Forestry preliminary pageant..  I understand that the pageant committee and the facility owners are not responsible for any losses or injuries.  I agree to abide by all rules listed above and to accept the judge’s decision as final.  I, in return, expect to see my scores at a later date following the pageant.  If I am chosen a winner, I promise to make every possible effort to attend functions, and etc. as my director deems important.


Contestants Signature                                                          Date                                   

Parents Signature                                                                Date________________


Mail Completed Forms & Entry Fee to:


Miss Pike County Forestry
Director: Sherry Stahr
1132 County Road 208
Jack, AL  36346
Phone:  (334) 897-0886